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Michel HOFF, AUPA HOFF DISTRIBUTION Founder and a founding member of EUROSIMA

For this episode we are thrilled to welcome a pillar of the European boardsports industry and a founding member of Eurosima : Michel Hoff.

As the exclusive distributor for Morey Boogie back in the day and a key retailer for boardsports in the 90’s and 2000’s, it is partly thanks to Michel Hoff that Europe saw the introduction and eventually the huge success of bodyboarding as a sport. But that is only one of many accomplishments this trend-setter has gifted the industry. Some examples of what a key player he’s been for the industry include importing and selling brands like SexWax, Reef or technologies such as SurfTech, as well as a number of other successful business endeavors.

GREG POISSONNIER, Slappy Agency Manager & cOLLAPSe skateboards co-founder

Every industry has its key players and for French boardculture, Greg Poissonnier is one of them.

Originally from the North of France and having moved to Pau in the Pyrénées at the age of 12, Greg saw the rise of snowboarding in the early 90’s and how it spread to the masses, which is also when he honed his own skills in the sport. Having joined the Quiksilver pro team a few years later, he experienced firsthand the first pro contrats as well as the first editions of several now legendary events such as the Quik Cup. These travels and interactions led him to establish a wide network in the industry.


On a trip to Australia to learn how to make wetsuits, Nicholas Lartizien discovered the king of sports: surfing. From then on, it would become a lifelong passion. A passion that would take him to Hossegor, where he helped kick off two of the leading and legendary boardsport brands and eventually lead him to take over as head of the European branch for the global leader in surfing accessories. A life led surfing both waves and opportunities.


His passion for kitesurfing was born when he saw a surfer being pulled by a kite in Hawaii. That moment was true revelation for Martial Camblong, who is dedicated to developing the sport and who works towards making it accessible to as many people as possible. In 2005, his dream took flight when he created the kitesurf brand GENETRIX with a friend. It was a daring bet, but one that paid off since their innovations were taken up by the biggest players in the industry.