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Tom Kay is a British surfer who is used to the extreme conditions in the North Atlantic waters. Unable to find the appropriate technical clothes for cold water surfing, he eventually decided to design and make them himself. That’s how, in a little flat above a surf shop in 2003, the surfwear brand Finisterre was born, with the objective of providing quality products that respect both the environment and peolple.



A pioneer of the European surfing industry, Derek O’Neill launched and developed Billabong in Europe for 12 years before taking on the position of International CEO. At 54, he could have closed the door on the industry and spent the rest of his life surfing, but retirement just wasn’t his thing. He returned to Hossegor 3 years ago to develop Vissla, an all new surf brand to “make surfing great again” and so far, things aren’t looking too shabby.


Romain was 20 years old when he left his home in Lyon to go study on the basque coast and live out his passion for surfing. While in graduate school, he met Matthieu with whom in 2008 he created Lastage, an eco-friendly boardshorts brand that aims to change mentalities. Romain, where did you grow up? I’m originally from Lyon but I’m one of those guys who discovered surfing, got completely hooked and who eventually wound up settling on the coast. How old were you when you discovered surfing? I was round 12 or 13. I waited till I was 18 before leaving home to go study sports and athletics in Lyon. When I found out there was a boardsports management program in Bayonne, I jumped at the opportunity. “I thought it was possible to create an eco-responsible brand that is also cool and funky” Is that how you got the idea of creating an eco-friendly boardshorts brand? Yes, I got the idea when I was in grad school. We were always outdoors, right in nature. …


A skateboarder and surfer since his childhood, Vincent has also always had an eye for fashion. In order to share his lifestyle with others, in 2011 he launched Surfin Estate, a blog with a fresh new take on the rider lifestyle drawing inspiration from fashion, art and music. Four years later, Surfin Estate has become a brand and Vincent and his partners have just recently opened their first concept store in Hossegor.



Passionate about surfing, Wilco left his homeland in the Netherlands at 18 to study in France and get closer to the best surfing spots. A key encounter in college led him to the famous brand Rip Curl, a company he would stick with throughout his career, eventually becoming CEO of Rip Curl Europe in 2013.