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A pioneer of the European surfing industry, Derek O’Neill launched and developed Billabong in Europe for 12 years before taking on the position of International CEO. At 54, he could have closed the door on the industry and spent the rest of his life surfing, but retirement just wasn’t his thing. He returned to Hossegor 3 years ago to develop Vissla, an all new surf brand to “make surfing great again” and so far, things aren’t looking too shabby.



From the famous Cours Florent acting school to a consulting firm, Dune tried her hand at several fields to find her professional path. In 2014, her father created the brand Yoga Searcher and at the ripe age of 25, Dune wound up in charge of the apparel collection and shops.


Though Momal and Erwann had met as teenagers surfing on the Basque coast, it was only years later, after Momal had had a career as editor in chief for the boardsports magazine Beach Brother and Erwann had created the cultural magazine Redux that the two decided to launch Hotdogger, a surfing lifestyle magazine. How did you two meet? E: We’ve known each other for 25 years. We both grew up in Biarritz. I was in middle school when Momo was in high school…We hung out at the Surftoy shape workshop quite a bit. You launched Hotdogger a year ago. What sparked the decision to act? M: It all happened very fast since we only started working on it during the summer of 2014. E: Momo was available. He had wanted to launch a surfing magazine after having worked for years in cross over press. He felt that the sports had somewhat grown closer in their roots and independence and that surfing no longer necessarily needed to be mixed in with skateboarding or snowboarding. “We could …


A skateboarder and surfer since his childhood, Vincent has also always had an eye for fashion. In order to share his lifestyle with others, in 2011 he launched Surfin Estate, a blog with a fresh new take on the rider lifestyle drawing inspiration from fashion, art and music. Four years later, Surfin Estate has become a brand and Vincent and his partners have just recently opened their first concept store in Hossegor.