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Hervé LACASTAIGNERATTE, Surf Lounge & Green Bush Founder

For this new episode of Inside Eurosima, dedicated to the European surfing industry, we welcome Hervé Lacastaigneratte, founder of Surf Lounge & Green Bush.

An incredibly passionate surfer, Hervé started out at Hoff in the late 90’s before becoming Marketing Manager for a non-captive footwear brand. He would later return to the surfing industry, joining Omareef, Quiksilver’s technical/core division, often referred to a « crash-course in surfing business » (under the supervision of Pierre Agnès) or a « one of a kind business ». Those were the days of Quiksilver’s golden years: growth in the double-digits, the world’s leading pro riders, XXL events and phenomenal budgets in marketing. For Hervé, it would become his own creative testing ground where he would also come to manage other key brands, namely Gotcha.

His career then took him away from the Quiksilver family, leading him first into marketing consulting and later to become an entrepreneur with the creation of the Surf Lounge, specialising in high-end surf hardware retail. A new trade, new skills and once again success at the end of the road, all confirmed by his impressive portfolio, which includes the biggest brands out there, as well as his own : Greenbush.

This episode promises to be a gold-mine of information, in which Hervé will discuss a variety of themes including audacity, surfing culture, what it means to be an entrepreneur and to have vision. He will share his experience as well as his perception to provide a SWOT analysis of the current market and how he sees it evolving.

Enjoy the ride.

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Editorial production: EUROSIMA

Animation: Romain Ferrand / Rémi Chaussemiche

Technical production: Fred de Bailliencourt

©Photos: Stéphane Robin

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