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Michel HOFF, AUPA HOFF DISTRIBUTION Founder and a founding member of EUROSIMA

For this episode we are thrilled to welcome a pillar of the European boardsports industry and a founding member of Eurosima : Michel Hoff.

As the exclusive distributor for Morey Boogie back in the day and a key retailer for boardsports in the 90’s and 2000’s, it is partly thanks to Michel Hoff that Europe saw the introduction and eventually the huge success of bodyboarding as a sport. But that is only one of many accomplishments this trend-setter has gifted the industry. Some examples of what a key player he’s been for the industry include importing and selling brands like SexWax, Reef or technologies such as SurfTech, as well as a number of other successful business endeavors.

Always the visionary, at the time, Michel was truly a pioneer in terms of how to promote and market our emerging sports, namely through key events like the Morey Boogie Contest or the Hoff Bodyboard Pro, which were leading events in the heyday of our industry.

Now retired from business, and as the recipient of the Eurosima Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, Michel sat down with us for a chat. He told us about his life, his career, his achievements as well as his failures, providing listeners with  sound business advice sprinkled through the conversation.

Enjoy the ride.

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Production éditoriale : EUROSIMA

Animation : Romain Ferrand / Rémi Chaussemiche

Réalisation technique : Fred de Bailliencourt

Photos : Antoine Justes

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